How To: Care For Your New Hemp Clothing


You have just joined the swine army by purchasing one of our handmade hemp jackets. It's an incredible investment and it's quality defies the test of time.

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of questions: how do I clean my new performer jacket / hemp fest vesty ?

According to, the best way to do so is to hand wash any visible stains using a light soap such as Ivory Powder. Then, put your garment in a lingerie bag before putting it in the washer. Use a cold/ warm setting (never hot), and use a cup of vinegar to get rid of any extra soap residue (otherwise the soap may leave a stain). Bleach is strongly advised against.

Hand drying is recommended, as these articles of clothing may shrink/ loose its original fit in the dryer.

There is no one method for cleaning your hoodies, so comment below if you have any other suggestions on the best way to care for your clothing!

-Swine On !! 


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