Why Are We So F*&()*G Obsessed With Hemp?

If you took a drink every time you saw the word "hemp" on our website,  you would definitely not be able to operate heavy machinery.

Similar to the growing popularity of kale or the banning of the straw movement, hemp is seemingly everywhere these days, from being incorporated into food to even being featured as a fabric for our smoking accessories.

One of our hemp performer jackets, pictured above.


Janet Burns, a reporter for Forbes.com, recently composed an article that pretty much echoes our reasons for being hemp happy. I went ahead and summed up the essential points.


  1. Hemp is a baaaazillion dollar industry; it is creating countless of jobs in fields you wouldn't even imagine. I don't know about you, but I primarily think of farmers who benefit from growing this insane cash crop. Nope; it can be used as an alternative ingredient in beauty products, it has nutritional benefits, and of course as we love to use it, a sustainable textile for the fashion industry! 
  2. It truly is environmentally friendly. Hemp's durability can be used as a replacement for plastic *yay* and also has soil purifying/ water clarifying capabilities.


We have found it to be most beneficial with our apparel. The fashion industry is one of the most damaging industries to our planet and fortunately, hemp is helping reduce our ecological footprint.


What do you use hemp for?? Comment below.


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