Quick Draw

The Quick Draw is a favorite of the Swine Army family. This compact tool is unique with its one-handed operation. With a simple flick of the lighter, you can light your pipe while keeping everything securely in the custom handcrafted case. The Quick Draw is perfect for travel, events, behind the scenes, riverside, on the trail, or in your home. Our environmentally conscious gear is crafted from sustainable, hemp fabric, providing you with top-notch quality you can feel good about.

The Quick Draw features a refillable Clipper lighter, a custom hand-blown borosilicate glass pipe, and three feet of Bee Line hemp wick. It is designed to comfortably light the pipe while both lighter and pipe remain inside the hemp case. Should the need arise, the lighter and pipe are easily removed for standard use. The Quick Draw makes passing your pipe easy and inconspicuous. It is also a great way to insure no one pockets your lighter!